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Re:Re: Re: Re: Karma

May 08, 1995 11:56 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> The last part of this makes me feel that there's not just a
> terrible karma between you, but an enduring love contract at a
> deep inner level, being put into practice in this particular
> form.

> Perhaps you are both in the midst of transforming a terrible
> karma but, on the other hand, there might not have been a
> terrible karma at all.  Whatever the case, though, it looks as if
> you have both taken an opportunity to grow through this
> particular relationship.

> And surely a healing essence from your "outer" help is soaking
> into your mother's being, to help her grow in her own best ways
> in the future when love express itself in "outer" ways again.

I hesitated to use the word "terrible" ,but it seemed to be the
only one that fit.  My mother and I seem to be a rather intense
bond, with her being much more attached to me than I was to her.
The signed contract must have been "binding".

Love can be terrible.  Terribly beautiful that it carves the
heart into a fine sculpture.

I look forward to a harmonious outcome for all souls involved.

I also think that it can be futile to wonder what previous
circumstances got us to where we are now.  Speculation hardly
ever works, because, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction
and the causes of our karma with another can be myriad.  Only
someone with higher powers can unravel the strings and I'm not so
sure that's it's necessatily a good thing to know.  Knowledge of
past associations can be rather shocking, to say the least.

Thanx for the posts

- ann.

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