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Re:Re: Karma

May 07, 1995 04:09 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham


> In short, we influenced their karma, to the good to be sure.  I
> think that this kind of thing goes on all the time - we mingle
> our karmic burdens with others, often unconsciously at the time,
> and hopefully for the better.

This struck deep to the heart of something I've been thinking
about lately.  My mother has been mentally disturbed all her life
and I've realized that I've been taking care of her most of my
life, forty some years.  Many of the skills most kids learn from
their parents I had to go out and learn for myself.  I figure
there must be some terrible karma between us and I've agreed to
assist her through this life in ways which other normal people
would have done for themselves.  Even though she now resides in a
home I am still responsible for her welfare as I am the only
child.  Certainly both our karmas have affected our actions
towards each other.  My fondest wish is that in some future life
she might come back as my daughter and I might help her over some
inner problems.  Seems like I've only been able to help her with
her outer ones this time around.

I had a yoga teacher who once said, "Never fulfill another
person's bad karma." If there's something about that person which
makes you want to react negatively about them, then do just the
opposite.  A tall order to fill, but a good idea.

- ann

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