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Re: Re to Liesel on karma

May 07, 1995 05:22 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Jerry,

I think I found the key to your question.  I think that you
should try to heal a sick animal or child to the best of your
ability, but the animal or child must be willing to accept the
healing you offer (that part is the other entity's choice),
otherwise, your healing or your music lessons are for nought.  I
think what happens is that you help and/or give as much as you
reasonably can, but what the other person then does with it is
his choice, no longer yours.  He uses your help in a way which
fits in with his Karma, point of view, whatever.  Thought of a
good example.  At Serge King's workshop, one of my childhood
problems started acting up, when a woman went beserk & started
chanting & talking so that I couldn't hear Serge..I just told
Serge that I was having a problem with this nut, without going
into particulars about who orginally caused the problem.  He
asked me had I tried this, that & the other thing.  I had & it
hadn't worked.  We decided that it might help to grok the person
who was giving me the problem after supper, when I'd again
returned quitely to my cabin.  Serge said "ok, I'll send you
energy".  He did, & it worked well.  The idea was that he just
sent me some extra energy for my Ku (unconscious) to use as I
needed it.  Serge didn't try to direct the energy, nor give it a
quality.  He left that up to me.  I think that's helping without
getting tangled up in the other person's Karma.  The example you
give of what Ramakrishna did with his students is exactly what I
tried to do for our Ben.  Ramakrishna's students accepted the
gift, Ben, to my knowledge, did not.

Does that make sense to you?


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