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Re to Liesel on karma

May 09, 1995 08:05 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Was it Annie Besant who suggested that if it was within your
power to help someone, then that must be within their karma, too.
Since karma is suppose to be a law of universal equilibrium
doesn't it make sense that all action is included.  We could not
"interfer" with someone's karma no more than we could interfer
with the rising sun.

Blavatsky mocked the idea of a universal scapegoat who, as the
christians teach, could take on your karma.  She thought it would
be nice if we all had someone who would clean up our messes after
us like carrion crows, but argued we were each our own absolute
law giver, the dispenser of glory or gloom for ourselves.

If the law of equilibrium has a purpose would it not be to teach
each to live in harmony.  If one disturbs that harmony and does
not see the effects of the act how would we learn "the ways of
the Force," to steal a line from the Star Wars trilogy?


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