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Re: Re:Re: Karma

May 07, 1995 05:32 PM
by LieselFD

Dear Ann,

Seems to me that you've done quite a bit for your mother, and if
she's not well enough to appreciate it, I think you yourself

Are you perhaps trying to be the perfect daughter who wishes not
to leave a stone unturned? If so, I hope you realize that's not
possible.  Maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree, because it makes
me think of my relationship with my mom.  I had a mother who
always wanted more from me, and was never satisfied with what I
had to give her, which was quite a lot.  One fine day, I got
angry, & finally got her to say "thank you" to me for taking good
care of her.  That "thank you" was good for both of us.


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