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Re: study group.

Feb 27, 1995 08:24 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In support of Liesel's point about hierarchies:

The problem with the way we think of hierarchies is that it's so
linear and two-dimensional.  Like point a has to be either higher
or lower than point b, and that defining its position in this way
is comprehensively meaningful.  In fact, from studying astrology
I can agree with the idea of all people being expressions of
hierarchical energies-- represented by the planets-- but since
we're composite beings it doesn't make sense to see humanity
itself as hierarchical.  Or rather, it makes too much sense in
the wrong kinds of ways.

For example, there's no way you can say that the highest possible
Pisces Sun person is "higher" than the highest possible Aries.
They are "up" in different dimensions.  That's a gross
oversimplification because no two charts are alike so even Sun
signs aren't categories in which there are linear hierarchies of
good and bad.

Would like to go further with this theme if others (Keith?) are
interested in it.

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