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Re: study group.

Feb 26, 1995 10:35 AM
by Paul Gillingwater writes:

> There must be some Logos who dreamt up the rest of this universe,
> including the solar system, & some of whose dreams might still be
> unmanifest.

Well, this implies hierarchy -- an almost infinite succession of
intelligences, each responsible for a solar system, and somehow
forming part of a greater kosmos, and its intelligence (citing
the principle of the Macrocosm.) I certainly agree that the
process of creation is on-going -- in fact, one of my fantasies
(I've never seen any TS writer comment on the idea) is that one
of the tasks required of the would-be initiate is to become a
co-creator, reaching into Atziluth (the world of archetypes) to
bring an archetype down into Briah (the sphere of creation), and
then working with devas to bring the result down to Yetzirah (the
world of formation) and thence to Assiah (our world of
manifestation.) As an example, I imagine that for every new
adeptic flowering of humanity, a new flower appears in the world
as a result.

> Hierarchies bother me.  I know Theosophists talk about that there
> are planetary spirits, & dhyani chohans and The Manu.  They don't
> sit well with me, because it reminds me of human beings trying to
> figure out how far along the Path they are.  I can't tell how far
> along I am, & I'm not sure anyone else can.  I wonder whether you
> or anyone on this list has any thoughts about that.

I agree that speculation on individual "occult grade" is worse
than futile, because it can inflate the great bug-bear of the
path, pride.  But being part of hierarchy doesn't have to mean
that we invoke the spirit of competitiveness -- in fact, it's all
about cooperation, and I personally think it's useful to my
humility to occasionally be reminded of my rather insignificant
place in the universe...  if I was being mischievous, I might
suggest that I am more insignificant than you (neener, neener,
nyer.  :-)

> Namaste

Bright Blessings! <oops, let's keep the fluffy-bunny new age
sentiment out for a while.>

> Liesel

Paul Gillingwater

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