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Re: study group.

Feb 26, 1995 10:17 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

> Hierarchies bother me.  I know Theosophists talk about t that
> here are planetary spirits, & dhyani chohans and The Manu.  They
> don't sit well with me, because it reminds me of human beings
> trying to figure out how far along the Path they are.  I can't
> tell how far along I am, & I'm not sure anyone else can.  I
> wonder whether you or anyone on this list has any thoughts about
> that.


That is so true, the obsessive spiritual checking that we do only
proves that we are not as advanced as we thought.  I see
Hieracrchy as an immature and egocentric point of view.  I am
sure that the more advanced being becomes the less time you have
for grading yourself spiritually.  In the best of the traditions
that I have studied, there was always a push toward
"self-transcendance" I like to call it ego transcendance.  Part
of trying to figure out where we are on the path is our
insecurity the feeling that we are not accepted whatever
condition we are in.  We are so judgemental that we need to be at
some place before we can self affirm our little existence.  It is
like the Christian who never thinks he or she is "saved" and
needs to be born again.  It is the same in Judaism with those who
are under the burden of the Torah, or in Buddhist thinking there
are those who become spiritual technicians to move beyond
themselves to acheive greater heights of enlightenment.  In all
the traditions it is compassion, love, acceptance and the joy of
discovery and the passion of life that is emphaized.

I will now get of my pulpit opps.  and say hello to the theos-l.
Still not fully recovered but I am working at it.  Thank you for
your thoughts.

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