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Re: Study Course

Feb 26, 1995 01:11 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

I'd like to throw my name in as one interested in receiving
Alan's Kabbalah material through the list.  I don't mind which
one, as I subscribe to the 4 of them.

I'd be very interested in seeing other study courses or one-off
material, too.  The Mahatma letters would be very well

Joy Mills would probably have, or have access to, the wealth of
information that Virginia Hansen drew together on the Mahatma
Letters.  I remember being deeply impressed by the insight as
well as scholarship of the sessions on the ML at Krotona in 1989,
given by Joy and, in one case, with Virginia present.

Joy and Virginia were very good friends and used to spend a lot
of time in joint study of theosophical things.  Now that Virginia
has passed on, we could think of approaching Joy on the subject
of the Letters.

Is anybody at Australian headquarters or Blavatsky Lodge Sydney
on the list? That's where to contact Joy.

Murray Stentiford

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