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study course

Feb 25, 1995 03:36 PM
by John Mead

> > >suitably inspired to offer to teach Kabbalah (not Qabalah) -
> > >could post ascii files as "chapters" of my own study book,
> > >which summarizes the teaching.

sounds good.

> Will do (post the files).  I will post to theos-roots, then
> subscribers to theos-l who are not interested won't have to get
> them.  Before doing this though, I would appreciate John Mead's
> views, as their are quite a few of us who take both lists.

I noticed that Liesel and Don Degracia were interested.  They are
only signed up on theos-buds (versus roots).

perhaps you can either use theos-buds, or talk others into
subscribing to theos-roots??

peace -

john e. m.

p.s.  I will add the "chapters" to the archives, for future

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