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Study Ge-mail study group

Feb 25, 1995 01:35 PM

On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, said:

> What I'd like to see happen is that we take 1 book, such as
> Shirley's as a base, & that we then have a teacher from each
> Theosophical "sect" to teach on the same topic.  Say we decide on
> Shirley's first item, The One - unity in diversity.  Someone from
> Adyar will present it from Shirley's book, someone from ULT will
> do it from HPB's writing, someone from Point Loma will give a
> DePurucker version, if we have people from Pasadena & Alice
> Bailey we can include them in.  In other words, we'll look at the
> idea of "The One", in some detail, from all Theosophical version
> that are available.
> The problem with this method is, that we can't download the books
> from any place on line, for every one to study from.  I
> understand that this would take something called a scanner, & no
> one has one, I don't think.

Sounds like a great idea! I have access to a scanner and an OCR
program.  If you identify a text that I can get a copy of, I'd be
willing to undertake scanning it and uploading it to theos-l.
Modulo copyright permission, of course.

Lee M.

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