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Feb 25, 1995 01:17 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <> writes:

> >suitably inspired to offer to teach Kabbalah (not Qabalah) -

> >could post ascii files as "chapters" of my own study book,
> >which summarizes the teaching.

> >Alan

> I think that is an excellent idea.
> Please do post the files.
> Please include in the body of each posting that it is posting
> #x e.g., "This is posting #4".
> That way those of us who are interested would be sure we
> got all of your postings.
> Re the Kabbalah - in your studies, are you relating it to the
> Tarot?
> Regards,
> John Tullis.

Will do (post the files).  I will post to theos-roots, then
subscribers to theos-l who are not interested won't have to get
them.  Before doing this though, I would appreciate John Mead's
views, as their are quite a few of us who take both lists.

Maybe postings to individuals separately would be better, or to
the archive . . .

Anyhow, so far two subscribers have shown a serious interest, and
I will mail a basic ascii file to each individually for the time

I don't so much relate Kabbalah to the Tarot as the other way
around, but the Tarot is a useful tool, yes.  This will not be
part of the first posting!


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