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study group.

Feb 25, 1995 05:37 PM
by LieselFD

In answer to several responses.

John Mead,

Alan Bain talks about having his Kabalah lessons on a separate
track.  That would be ok with me.  I'm interested in having a
Theosophical study group - & was thinking in terms of going
through the basic ideas, but on a broad enough level to invite
discussion by the more advanced students as well as the newer
ones.  I wasn't thinking in terms of comparative religions.
That, to me, is something entirely different.  John, you said in
your post that I was interested.  I'm not interested in Kabalah.
I have several books here on the subject & hardly ever look at
them.  But far be it from me to discourage those who'd like to
study it, & if Alan has such good notes available, by all means,
let's have them, but on a different track than the one I

Besides Donald DeGracia, Dewey was interested in a study group.
I was just trying to retrieve his post, but America on Line has
been giving me a lot of balk leately, & I couldn't retrieve
Deweys post anymore, & I didn't put his last name or address
down.  Also Arthur Patterson thinks it would be a good idea, when
he feels up to it again.

Lee Moffit

If you have access to a skanner, I think that's 1/2 the ball
game.  Thank you very much for offering.  I think I can try to
get Wheaton's ok on using Shirley's book.

I was hoping that Maybe Dick Slusser or Marty Lyman would take
DePurucker.  They were talking about coming on board theos-l
soon.  Or if not they, then they'd hopefully know someone who
would, unless someone who's on the net now would volunteer.  They
would have to ask Point Loma permission to quote DeP, but Dick
quotes him in his "High Country Theosophist" now, so it's within
the realm of the possible tha Point LOma would agree.  We'd still
need at least someone from ULT, and I think, Pasadena.  Come to
think of it, Stan Treloar in Canada is an Alice Bailey man, & he
has a computer.  If he's not too busy, maybe he would do Alice
Bailey, or maybe he'd know someone who would.  All of this is
just off the top of my head.  Someone would have to do some
legwork to get this whole thing going...  round up all the
teachers, and books, & permissions.  But first we'd have to see
how much interest there is in doing this, & we'd also have to get
the go ahead singal from the Manager of theos-l.


You say you have some notes you took at a workshop Shirley gave.
Glad you enjoyed it.  That means that her book has good
possibilities as a study group tool.  If you don't have time to
give, maybe you could lend your notes as a guide to whoever
teaches that part.

I have something to add to your Krishnamurti quote, in your pos
about the Masters.  K said that "whatever he taught in the moment
was only of relevance in that moment, & it was a waste of time to
take down what he said & publish it.  By the time it was
published, it would no longer be accurate."

Serge King, during the workshop I keep on talking about (he
crammed a tremendous anount of stuff into it), said something
very similar to Krishnamurti.  He told us that there was really
nothing but "Now".  Your memories of the past are what you
remember "now" (most probably changed from the past event
itself).  What you project into the future is as you visualize it
"now", & when it happens down the road a ways, it'll not be the
same as you now imagine it.  But the time to change either your
memories of the past, or your anticipations of the future is now.
That's healing, which is Serge's business.  It's the same message
from a different person's point of view.



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