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Re: study group.

Feb 25, 1995 09:21 PM
by John Mead

> Alan Bain talks about having his Kabalah lessons on a separate
> track.  That would be ok with me.  I'm interested in having a
> Theosophical study group - & was thinking in terms of going
> through the basic ideas, but on a broad enough
>  ...
> who'd like to study it, & if Alan has such good notes available,
> by all means, let's have them, but on a different track than the
> one I suggested.

well.... the differences do materialize quickly!  :-)

are we to assume that the study courses are mandated to a
particular topic and list??

I think not.

perhaps we could let Dr.  Bain do his study course on
Theos-roots, and you couldd do (whatever) on Theos-buds??

I prefer to keep a VERY low profile on these discussion lists
(else --- accused of "management" and other sordid sins!).

i suggest that you just START what you want to study.  If people
do not want to participate, they won't.  The topic will die a
natural death.

the only thing I can do, is to add the "literature" into the
library.  I will usually do that despite the dis-interest.  !!
please send to me an ascii text file containing each lesson.
That is all I ask.

if new discussion-lists are needed ...  I will add them.  They
are easy to add, however the Vnet people can be a bit slow
sometimes.  :-)

peace --

john e. m.

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