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Re: study group.

Feb 26, 1995 01:54 AM
by Paul Gillingwater

John Mead <> writes:

> i suggest that you just START what you want to study.  If people
> do not want to participate, they won't.  The topic will die a
> natural death.

One very interesting topic for me comes out of a close reading of
the Mahatma Letters (which I'll refer to as ML from now on.) I'm
presuming that all theosophical groups have heard of them, and
have access to a copy, and that they are generally accepted as
authentic theosophical source material without particular bias
towards ULT, Pt.Loma, Adyar or what have you.

Does God exist? According to ML, most assuredly not.  Their best
adepts have looked very carefully, and have found no One that is
apart and separate from Life itself.  At most, it seems there is
a hierarchy of intelligences, including planetary spirits, dyhani
chohans et.  al.  To me, the Solar logos appears to match most
closely the traditional ideas of a Divine Being in whom we live
and move and have our being -- but even That One is limited in
scope, to this solar system (with all its hidden globes.) From
this point of view, Christianity becomes perfectly justifiable as
a solar cult.

Any thoughts?

Paul Gillingwater

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