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Re: study group.

Feb 26, 1995 07:54 AM
by Astrea writes:
> Astrea
> You say you have some notes you took at a workshop Shirley gave.
> Glad you enjoyed it.  That means that her book has good
> possibilities as a study group tool.  If you don't have time to
> give, maybe you could lend your notes as a guide to whoever
> teaches that part.

I'll see what I can ferret out!

> I have something to add to your Krishnamurti quote, in your pos
> about the Masters.  K said that "whatever he taught in the moment
> was only of relevance in that moment, & it was a waste of time to
> take down what he said & publish it.  By the time it was
> published, it would no longer be accurate."

It wasn't "my" K. quote, it was Alan Bain's.  I just commented on it.

> Serge King, during the workshop I keep on talking about (he
> crammed a tremendous anount of stuff into it), said something
> very similar to Krishnamurti.  He told us that there was really
> nothing but "Now".  Your memories of the past are what you
> remember "now" (most probably changed from the past event
> itself).  What you project into the future is as you visualize it
> "now", & when it happens down the road a ways, it'll not be the
> same as you now imagine it.

Yes, I believe Saint Augustine had some quite interesting
theories of time along these lines, too.



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