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Re: e-mail study group

Feb 26, 1995 07:54 AM
by Astrea (Dr. A.M.Bain) writes:

> Just read Liesel's enthusiasm for an e-mail study group, and am
> suitably inspired to offer to teach Kabbalah (not Qabalah) -
> something I have been doing on and off for over 35 years.  I
> could post ascii files as "chapters" of my own study book, which
> summarizes the teaching.
> I think it would need a list of its own (a study group, that is).
> Feedback awaited . . .
Can you explain the difference between Kabbalah and Qabalah.  I
thought they were both corruptions, or rather translations, from
the Hebrew.  Which do you think is better and why?

I would be interested in reading your chapters on the Kabbalah.
But actually it would be even nicer to have them in nicely
presented hard copy!


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