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Re: study group.

Feb 26, 1995 07:55 AM
by LieselFD

I think you're entitled to your low profile.  My feeling is to
watch this for a few more days, & then get started on "Buds".  In
today's post, Paul Gillingwater came up with what I think is a
better idea than mine...  to,study the "Mahatma Letters" which is
a classic for all of us., and leads the e-mail study group in an
entirely new direction.  So now let's see what we can do with
that.  Maybe I'll contact Dick Slusser& Stan Treloar by phone &
see what they have to say, & meantime, others will respond via
e-mail.  I'd also like to contact the TPH to see whether there's
a study guide for the "Mahatma Letters", or maybe someone on this
list knows which are the more important letters.  It's been a
very long time since I've read them.



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