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Re: Identity Crises

Feb 27, 1995 06:40 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

>I can solve at least one!  Just call me Paul.  It's my middle
>name but I've always gone by it.  Problem is, another BIG
>author got it first-- British historian and conservative
>thinker.  So for literary purposes I have to use my first
>initial which stands for Kenneth which I never use.


Well, that's my middle name too.  It means "little one" and if
you saw me you would wonder what joke my parents were trying to
make.  Arthur is my first name which means "king of the bruins"
or the King of the bears.  I started using the name after a great
mid-life initiation I receive several years ago - my life had so
changed that I decided I may as well reflect that in my name,
especially my writing name.  None of my land based friends here
call me Art but thats ok I am equally comfortable with both
names.  Just and indulgent personal note but I thought it
interesting that we share our second name and we have always gone
by it.

Arthur "Paul" Patterson

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