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Re: study group.

Feb 27, 1995 11:36 AM
by Astrea writes:

> To me, the Solar Logos is part of this, it's "The One ...
> limited in scope, to this solar system (with all its hidden
> globes.)" There must be some Logos who dreamt up the rest of this
> universe, including the solar system, & some of whose dreams
> might still be unmanifest.

Personally, I find it difficult to think beyond this solar system.  It
seems clear that the Solar Logos provides us on this planet with our
life force, and everything that implies.   But certainly the same laws
e.g. gravity, geometry... are applicable in this galaxy and beyond,
which suggests there is an ordering principle which goes beyond the
Solar Logos.  The question is: does the Law have a consciousness?

> Hierarchies bother me.

Why? Nature functions in a hierarchy all the time.  It's only human
beings who imply moral worth to position in a hierachy.  It is my
opinion that we are inherently equal, even if we are different and
occupy different positions in the scheme of things.  As for an occult
hierarchy - yes, I believe this exists.  Ignoring or denying it won't
make it go away.

> planetary spirits, & dhyani chohans and The Manu.  They don't sit
> well with me, because it reminds me of human beings trying to
> figure out how far along the Path they are.  I can't tell how far
> along I am, & I'm not sure anyone else can.

That's true, some people like to speculate where they and others
are on the ladder of evolution.  These speculations tend to lead
to inflation of the ego, and perhaps cause some to lose their
proper perspective.  We have some of this in TS history, which is
probably why the subject is now taboo.  It's probably better to
get on with business, and leave the grading to those who know
best how to do it.  However, my feeling is that planetary
spirits, dhyani chohans and Manus exist, but on a level where its
unlikely that we will make their acquaintance personally.



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