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Re: Creating FAQs

Feb 18, 1995 04:16 PM
by John Mead

> I have been discussing with John Algeo the idea of offering the
> Dept.  of Ed's correspondence courses on the Interent.  He
> suggested I start by creating a FAQ.  Not having ever created one
> I am not sure how to do that and thought you could probably help.
> I had suggested it to him first, thinking the file would provide
> inquirers with basic info on the courses offered and how to get
> started.  His reply seem to indicate he thought I was talking
> about a FAQ which would help users navigate the Internet
> connections.

off-hand, I would say he meant a FAQ on the course(s).  i.e.
content, outline, lesson plan, outline etc.  (who to contact

I would think that Tony Lysy might be of help, especially
obtaining the above for the new "Institute" at Olcott.

> Are you interested? I don't know that there is a lot we could do.
> I asked him if HQ had a page scanner and suggested they could
> scan in the lessons as separate files which could then be given
> to students as they progressed.  Any ideas?

yes, I'm interested.  The Faq's are just vanilla ascii files
(usually).  I can add them to the archives.  We can add anything
there as needed.

We would really need an "Institute" person on-line to answer
questions.  (or a Dept.  of Ed.  person too, if different)
Perhaps a separate discussion list for course work? The text may
already be on a computer format (somewhere)?? The TSA does not
have a scanner (to my knowledge).  They are pretty cheap though
(<1000K$ for good ones WITH converters to ascii).

peace -

john mead

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