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Re: Myth of the Masters

Feb 18, 1995 03:59 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Responding to Keith:

It seems to me that this is an area which can well do with
another "airing," especially as so much confusion can exist in
people's minds when they come across the idea.

You suggest that a definition of a "Master" [What, no
Mistresses?] would be that of (say) a 6th "root-race" incarnate
human being.  At the same time, it is clear that many newcomers
perceive such intelligences as discarnate.  There can obviously
be room for both.

IMO, the question of the existence of such advanced human beings
remains open, though I would agree that we may all be capable
*now* of realising from within ourselves some degree of "higher"
wisdom or understanding when in certain states, such as

When it comes to the question of the discarnate (human or
ex-human) intelligence, but any information received from them
seems to be obtainable only by some form of "channelling" - a
faculty which depends heavily on the state of the mental
equipment and subjective interpretation of the channeller.

Let's have some ideas on this one - maybe even some

To Mega Alan :-)

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