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Re: Housekeeping issues

Feb 16, 1995 04:23 PM
by LieselFD

Hi, Keith,

I think the Masters are getting a big kick out of what we're
doing.  It's almost as good as communicating worldwide via ESP.
I think our e-mail reception is coming close to precipitating a
letter.  I don't know about Cyber-Sinnett.  Maybe he should be
writing "Finding Esoteric Buddhism in Cyberspace."

Ain't this the nuts?
I still get spaced out every time I think about that Murray is in
New Zealand, Martin in Holland, Art in Canada, & the rest of us
all over the US, & here we are making hourly contact with each
other.  I once (before we started quibbling) wrote a message
around 11 PM to Jerry H-E.  He came home from a meeting &
answered it, & next AM when I went to my computer breakfast
coffee cup in hand, there was my answer.  I have made real good
friends with a woman in Oklahoma, & a young man in England, also
one in Wales, & twice now I've exchanged e-mail with a man in
Moscow.  I've also exchanged e-mail with a columnist in our local
newspaper.  How hard it usually is to get an answer to a snail
mail letter from columnists.  And snail mail to Russia takes 6
weeks, if it comes through at all.  It's unbelieveable!


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