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Re: Housekeeping issues

Feb 15, 1995 06:19 PM
by John Mead

> 2) Many take number 1 for granted because they are more
> cyber-literate.  Many of these people, it looks like to me, work
> with computers and may receive posts at work or school for free.
> Some of us are on compuserve or prodigy or some other gateway and
> pay 10 to 15 cents for each post past a certain mail allowance.
> It may save money and time to put posts together rather than
> sending a seperate post for each topic unless the topics are
> really different and one may be interested in one and not the
> other.

to get the "clumped" into a "digest" form send the message to listserv
( contining the line

set theos-L mail digest

this will force your e-mail from theos-L to come only once or
twice daily.  If you pay per e-mail item, then this should help

peace --

john mead

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