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Housekeeping issues

Feb 15, 1995 03:15 PM
by Keith Price

A lot of people are talking about theos-l as a lodge, and going
chat mode as an experiment etc.  Humble suggestions:

1) some of us are new to internet.  For instance, I have learned
by myself what various acronyms (IMHO) etc are and smiley faces
etc.  I recently joined Prodigy and they have something called
"netiquette" which would have same time and money and hurt
feelings (flames) if I had read it.  It is basic rules for
joining a discussion group as regard threads of discussion and
rules of conveying appropriate tone and humor so as not to
unintentionally step of toes by being misuderstood.  I don't know
if it would be a good idea to have a newcomer's packet, as for
our new friend (Matthew?) with FAQ's, netiquette etc.

2) Many take number 1 for granted because they are more
cyber-literate.  Many of these people, it looks like to me, work
with computers and may receive posts at work or school for free.
Some of us are on compuserve or prodigy or some other gateway and
pay 10 to 15 cents for each post past a certain mail allowance.
It may save money and time to put posts together rather than
sending a seperate post for each topic unless the topics are
really different and one may be interested in one and not the

3) Some of us could get together on Compuserve on the weekends or
whenever in the "New Age Forum".  This is not to exculde anyone,
but just an experiment to see how it goes.

4) Does anyone know if Prodigy is cheaper than Compuserve as a
gateway to internet? I'm on both for a while, but I use
Compuserve now for internet.

5) Things are going great guns! We certainly have no lack of
posts in quality or quantity and it is likely to increase.  I'm
surprised when I log on at the volume.  I hope it remains
manageable to those at home like me.

The above was written only in the hopes of increasing order on
theos-l and reducing entropy.  Which way does information travel
on the information highway superhighway, on the right or left?
Does it matter if you are liberal or conservative? :-)

Oh, one more thing.  Imagine you are in a previous incarnation
sitting around a fire.  The conversation is along the line
something like: "wouldn't it be wonderful if we had
clairaudience, clairvoyance, the ability to see history as it
happened, the ability for someone to read our thoughts almost
instantly around the world and we to read theirs??" Well we have
radio, TV, documentary films on war etc., the internet and
e-mail, but it isn't quite the "magic" we wanted.  People say oh
yeah, TV, who cares? That isn't what I mean't by clairvoyance
etc.  Well what they wanted is probably "magic" powers that no
one else has.  They don't want information, but to be special.
Is this why so much of evolution is denied to us? Because we
misuse or trivialize what we have instead of benefiting humanity.
Well, theos-l is a nucleus of universal family communicating in
cyber-space.  do you think the Masters listen in? Could they
percipitate a letter? Where is cyber-Sinnett when we need him?


Keith Price

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