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Re: RE: Karma, causality etc.

Feb 13, 1995 02:31 PM
by Nicholas Weeks

Paul Johnson> Could you explain how Evans-Wentz is outdated, and
how he has misrepresented anything.  On talk.religion.buddhism
there have been several comments about E-W distorting Buddhism
under HPB's influence, but every time I asked for further
explanation it went unanswered.

In 1989 Station Hill published ~Self-Liberation Through Seeing
With Naked Awareness;~ translation & notes by John M.  Reynolds.
He translated anew one of E-W's texts and severly criticised it.
I have not read it lately, but if I recall, various Swamis,
Yogananda for one, were given as much blame for distorting his
view of Buddhism as Theosophy.  He also had some difficulty
discerning the pseudo-theosophy of CWL, AAB, et al from HPB's
real Theosophy.  But the "once a human always a human" notion was
taught by HPB, and Reynolds does take her & E-W to task for
accepting it.  Destroys karmic law he thinks.


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