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Intro Theosophy

Feb 13, 1995 02:30 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

While awaiting the appearance of a polished and thorough answer
to Matthew's question, I'll offer a few words in response.
Theosophy rests on the conviction that all life is an expression
of divinity, and that it is possible to know something about how
and why this is so.  Theos= God; Sophia= Wisdom; hence divine
wisdom or wisdom of the gods.  Theosophy regards science,
religion, and philosophy as all aspects of humanity's evolution
toward knowledge of self and cosmos.  It attempts to integrate
and transcend these diverse ways of knowing, moving towards a
holistic understanding of self AS cosmos.

I think I posted the 3 objectives and the 3 fundamental
propositions to you before, so won't repeat them here.  But will
summarize by saying that Theosophy views all life as one, and all
beings as linked in an evolutionary pathway from "unselfconscious
god-sparks to self-conscious gods." Theosophists strive to learn
from those who have evolved to higher levels of spirituality and
understanding, without imposing limits on any seeker's quest for
truth.  There is great internal diversity among Theosophists'
views and interests, but ideally a mutual respect for
truthseeking binds us together as a group with common values and

There are thousands of pages on the many doctrines developed by
teachers of modern Theosophy, starting with Mme.  Blavatsky.
Perhaps if you asked "what does Theosophy teach about X?" we
would be in a better position to get specific.

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