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Re: RE: Karma, causality etc.

Feb 13, 1995 10:49 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <01HN06HFPHJ68WVZ1O@SSSAK1.SSS.CO.NZ>


> I'm trying to say that events and experiences that are acausal
> with regard to the physical, may yet have a higher or subtler
> form of causality behind them.  And this with full acceptance of
> the presence of disordering or chaotic processes as well.

Aha!  Just as I thought <g>.  I suspect that this is what Jung
thought as well, but being a scientist, was trying to develop a
language for it.

And yet . . . if all the planes (worlds, levels, whatever) are
interpenetrating, eg., the `astral' *includes* the physical
(which is how I see it) then "subtler" would be a better word
than "higher" for the causality behind the apparently acausal.

I have often though that Jung was on tricky ground with this one,
for what may be described as "acausual" may be nothing more (!)
than events for which causality synchronous with them is not
immediately obvious - like the powder and the bullet from the gun
- which, BTW, is *exactly* how I have come to perceive the idea
of Karma in general - there is not necessarily a moral dimension
to it at all.  Karma is TANSTAAFL!


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