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RE:ES information

Feb 07, 1995 12:59 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

Found Lewis' reply on the ES very thought-provoking, as I have
just joined the Akbar Lodge in Chicago.  I know that in my case,
I have been a member for four years, but didn't join a group till
this year due to time constraints and a general lack of knowledge
of TS.  The latter was remedied by my attendance at the summer
session at Olcott.

In my case, I would also add that I already had a spiritual path
before I joined.  It seemed to me that being a member just
expanded on that path.  My commitment has come slowly.  It has
grown over time, with the realization that I just couldn't seem
to get the kind of information or as wide of variety anywhere

As for those who aren't "joiners", I am reminded of my husband.
He is not a joiner either, and is an Aquarius rising.  The
freedom lovers hate to be fenced in.

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