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Symbol study; Kabala; Chaos theory

Feb 07, 1995 08:21 AM
by euser

Thinking about some of last week posts I want to write
something about chaos-theory, harmony, kabalah and study
of symbols.

First of all, the study of (religious) symbols.
Dr. Bain wrote about the necessity of comparitive
religious study (& philosophy & science). I agree
with that. Strange enough, this object of the TS has been
neglected, much to the detriment of theosophical work.
Apparently, it didn't occur to many theosophists that
this is an object which should be pursued with heart
and soul, greatly enlarging our understanding of applied
theosophy. If only 'outside' people pursue this study,
they will get the attention of the public, and rightly so.

HPB has written a lot about symbols ('persons') in the
Bible and other Sacred Scriptures. To sort that out
is on itself a very rewarding thing. Connecting her info
with others' ideas is a great challenge too.
The deceased Dutch leader DJP Kok has written an excellent
book (actually compiled speeches of his) on the symbolical
meaning of Biblical persons and events. I guess I could
paraphrase some of his ideas (based on HPB and to some
extent on GdP) for theos-l, if people are interested.
You could say that the symbolical key to the Theosophical
teachings has been turned at least once in this book
(not translated into English as far as I know).

The kabalistic key (numerical) has been applied to the
Bible by Ralston Skinner. This sheds another light
on the esoteric meaning of this Scripture.
Again, I could paraphrase some of his ideas for theos-l.
Dr. Bain could possibly comment on that, if he likes the idea.

Sacred Geometry is partly revealed by Skinner too.
I myself found an intriguing formula regarding cycles
which I could present (though I haven't quite finished
the study of its meaning and application).

This formula contains an interesting cycle of numbers
and repetition of certain proportions, maybe applicable
to astronomy and the periodic table of elements.

Regarding chaos theory (maybe better: recursive pattern
theory?): this is an interesting theory, which possibly
could be blended with the theory of cycles, although
it would require a lot of intuition to do so.
I don't regard it as better or worse than the theories
of Ralston Skinner (this is to Eldon!). In my opinion
it's just another angle of study, and probably connected
to Kabalah and cycles.

Rereading my list of points, I see that I skipt the subject
of harmony.
Harmony is expressible in numbers. The harmonic mean
is quite important in Sacred Geometry I think.
Two poles generate the Arithmatic, Geometric and Harmonic
mean. This is the basis for the formula I found. It is
the basis for cycles (repetitions) and involves the use
of roots, squares and cubes (etc.) of numbers.
All of this was sacred among Pythagoras and Plato.

One last point. I remember a question from Jerry Schueler
about the connection between the Tree of Life and the
Gupta Vidya model of HPB. In Isis Unveiled she writes
about this connection. You can browse through the index.
(I don't think she mentions the GV model explicitly-
that is in the SD). The secret lies of course within man
himself. All the powers of the universe are _in_ man.

Well, I would like to see who is willing to actively
pursue some of these studies. My opinion is that
understanding and promotion of Theosophy can be greatly
enlarged by this kind of work.
What do you think?

Martin Euser

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