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Re: Art, Theosophy & Related Courses

Feb 07, 1995 12:43 PM
by Paul Gillingwater

Sy Ginsburg <> writes:

> I wonder what the makeup is of the present group of Theos-L
> accessers? Some you I know are into branch work as I am of one or
> another branch of the vario lines of theosophical societies.
> Others must be members-at-large, or non-mem theosophists.  The
> Internet is certainly breaking down any lines of demarkati
> between people belonging or not belonging any of the various
> "official" theosophical organizations.

It occurs to me that this mailing list is in some strange way the
first theosophical branch in Cyberspace.  I suspect HPB would
approve.  I wonder if any of the parent TS orgs would accept the
formation of a branch with members all over the world?


Paul Gillingwater

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