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Feb 07, 1995 04:37 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

Hello Lewis Lucas and others,

Lewis Lucas writes, "Atlanta, I have been told, intends to buy a
computer with modem and CD drive, which I think is a great idea.
This would give members of the group access to discussions on
this list.  Any chance Miami might do the same?"

This is a really good question about branch work.  In addition to
myself, one other at Miami branch that I know of has subscribed
to the Theos lists thus far, Jacqueline Litzenberg.  This came
about because several of us were talking a month ago about the
"information superhighway" and thinking the branch ought to do
something.  We were estimating some sort of substantial outlay
for equipment, although the branch does already have a computer
with modem, but it is used for other purposes.  None of us knew
the required technology for creating the "mail hub" or whatever
you call it that John Mead has set up.

I remembered a short notice some issues back in the American
Theosophist about what John Mead was doing so I inquired of John
Algeo at Wheaton and he got us the information.  The result is
that there are 2 of us here that are now subscribers.  I hope
there will be a lot more.

There is no reason why our branch computer should not be
available to members who do not have computers in order to access
discussions on this list.  The practical problem is that during
the day, the computer is in use for other things and not readily
available for anyone to just come in, sit down at it, and begin
to communicate.  Also, the chances are that anyone computer
literate enough to want to subscribe to the Theos lists probably
has their own computer and modem.  But maybe we can try something
Lewis, at least during "off" hours.  How about other branches of
the various theosophical organizations? I have no idea who is
doing what.

Question: Is there some inexpensive way for the branch to access
an Internet gateway with a local telephone access number.  Miami
South Florida branch of TSA is a not-for-profit religious
corporation.  Can anyone help with this information?

Meanwhile, I am sitting here at the comfort of my own computer at
7 A.M.  Florida time and writing this.  It happened that I was
already a compuserve subscriber for other purposes, so compuserve
is my gateway, although I think it is one of the more expensive
ones.  Probably a third of the members (at least 30) at our
branch I would think now have either their own computers or
access to a computer with a modem.  If we could motivate some of
them as we are now trying to do, I think that there could be
several more from Miami South Florida branch signing on.  As a
practical matter I think that for those interested, the
convenience of just communicating from where your own computer is
at the most convenient time is likely what will happen.

I wonder what the makeup is of the present group of Theos-L
accessers? Some of you I know are into branch work as I am of one
or another branch of the various lines of theosophical societies.
Others must be members-at-large, or non-member theosophists.  The
Internet is certainly breaking down any lines of demarkation
between people belonging or not belonging any of the various
"official" theosophical organizations.

Thanks to whoever for the recent list of Theos lists subscribers.
Does anyone know or care what is the makeup of that list?

I have another question.  I am a subscriber to all 4 lists, but
only seem to receive communication on Theos-L.  Does that mean
the other lists are not used.  It would seem appropriate for this
communication to be on Theos-News or Theos-Buds but if I sent it
out on one of those, I am not sure who would receive it.  How
should this all work.

I think this is all great.  Three cheers to John Mead for setting
it up.

Lewis, I will pass your greetings along.

Sy Ginsburg

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