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Copy of: Re: Nothing more than feelings

Feb 07, 1995 04:53 AM
by Sy Ginsburg

> From:  Sy Ginsburg, 72724,413
> TO:    Multiple Recipients,
> DATE:  2/6/95 10:25 PM
> RE:    Copy of: Re: Nothing more than feelings

The grand picture of spirit evolving so as to become conscious
and conscious of itself seems as good an answer to the question
of Why? as any other.  Gurdjieff called us human beings
experiments by which the Absolute becomes conscious of itself on
this planet.  His question was whether we would make it or
whether we would be failed experiments like the ants and the bees
who became too mechanical to be conscious of themselves, and thus
made it impossible through them for Spirit to be conscious of

And then there is the talmudic (or is it Kabbalistic) story where
God is chastising Abraham and says, "Abraham, if it wasn't for me
you wouldn't be here." Abraham deferentially replies, "Yes, Lord
and I thank you, but if it wasn't for me, no one would know you."

Sy Ginsburg

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