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Feb 07, 1995 07:37 PM

Concerning the video: The Occult Hitory of the Third Reich: The
SS: Blood and Soil.

Toward the beginning of the video, 3 or 4 minutes are devoted to
H.P.  Blavatsky and Theosophy.  Mention is made of the Hidden
Elect and the Great White Brotherhood.  The audience is told of
HPB's teaching concerning the 7 root races and the first five
races are enumerated as follows: (1) the Astral Race, (2) the
Hyperboreans, (3) the Lemurians, (4) the Atlanteans, and (5) the
Aryans.  The Aryans are described as the fifth root race, the
"race of Hope".  It is then related that Guido von List
(1848-1919) and Lanz von Liebenfels (1874-1954) were inspired by
some of HPB's teachings and in turn their writings were
influential in occult circles in Germany and Austria.  Himmler,
in charge of Hitler's SS, was greatly influenced by the writings
and teachings of von List and von Liebenfels.

The video talks of the "evolution of the human race by selective
breeding." Himmler believed that the Aryan rce was the race of
the future and that it would subjugate all other races.  The
German people contained Aryan blood but had been contaminated by
interbreeding with other inferior races.  HImmler wanted to
transform the SS into a brotherhood of templars, an aryan elite.
The SS was considered the elite, a body of Supermen, the Aryan
superman of the coming race.

etc.  etc.

See James Webb's THE OCCULT ESTABLISHMENT (1976), Chapter 5
entitled "The Magi of the North," pp.  275-344.  The video seems
to be based in part on the information from this book.

This is a very brief description of part of this video.


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