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Re: To Theodora

Jan 28, 1995 02:47 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <950128171845_76400.1474_FHA22-1@CompuServe.COM> writes:

> What can I say on the rape issue? This whole thing has gotten way
> out of hand in this country where 1 in 4 can expect to be raped
> (and that doesn't count date rape).  My wife, my daughter, and my
> sister-in-law were raped years ago (and these are only the ones
> that I know of) and each will doubtless carry their scars to
> their graves.  Needless to say, I am not a happy camper where
> this issue is concerned.  The problem, I suspect, in part lies
> with the male attitude that women are meat rather than people.
> Because I can see auras (not colors or forms, but auras
> nonetheless) I can't help but see women as human beings.  For
> example, many years ago a male co-worker was raving over a nude
> in an Xrated Swedish magazine and insisted that I take a look at
> it.  When I looked, I saw her face which showed embarrassment and
> shame all over it (this is not true with Playboy and better
> magazines, but it seems to be true with most porn) and I was
> saddened rather than aroused.  I wish men were more sensitive.
> On the other hand, women are treated better in this country than
> in most other countries - on the other hand this probably says
> more against those other countries than it does for this one.
>                Jerry S.

Amen from England.  Porn seems to be produced by men, for men, by
exploiting women.  All too many rapists and sexual offenders are
reported as having piles of the stuff tucked away in their lairs.
No one knows the true figures - how high would it be if you *did*
count date rape? How many women do you see standing in line to
buy porn?


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