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WWW's Theosophy Corner

Jan 28, 1995 09:46 AM
by Dara Eklund

The following was found under the Society & Culture menu of WWW.
-- Nicholas

Theosophy Corner (p1 of 5)

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On Theosophy And Its Tradition

Last update Jan 8, 1995

Theosophical Map of Lemuria

* Theosophy (Religion & Science) (Part 1)(Martin Euser)
Introduction with a list of the main-points (jewels) of Theosophy

* Theosophy (Psychological Key To Man) (Part 2)(Martin Euser)
Continued from Theosophy (Religion & Science)

* Gnosis and Yoga, The Relation (Mark Mays)

* Etheric planets, Evolution and our Solar System (Walter D.

* The Early History Of Ascended Masters Activities (under

* Masters, Extraterrestrials and Archangels(Reni K.  M|ller)
Pictures and short descriptions

* Study of Angels and the Dimensions(Robert Bryan Reinhardt)
Highly recommended Overview of Angelical Realms

* Theosophy-WWW: (Michael Grenier) An Introduction to Theosophy

* Specific Persons: + Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (Michael Grenier)
+ Annie Besant and Charles Webster Leadbeater (Michael Grenier)

* Theosophical Texts(ftp-site)

Etheric planets, Evolution and our Solar System3

* Related Information:
+ A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts (Andrew Wilson) Full
Text ASCII Archive, International Religious Foundation

+ Gnosis Archive WWW(Thomas Leavitt) Growing site, with a lot of
gnostic texts
+ Gnosis Magazin (gopher-site)
+ Antroposophy: Rudolf Steiner(Martin Cooke)

+ Kabbalah FAQ (Colin Low)
+ Gematria: Magic/Magick(Michael Freedman)
+ Golden Dawn FAQ (Steven R. Cranmer)

+ Plato: The Socratic Dialogues
o Plato's Phaedrus(gopher-site)
  Philosophical Dicussion on Soul and its Nature
o Plato's Phaedo (gopher-site)
Basics of Soul Understanding
+ Plotinus: The Six Enneads (gopher-site)

Mystic point of view of Soul Evolution

A Comparative Anthology Of Sacred Texts

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