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To Theodora

Jan 28, 1995 09:32 AM
by Jerry Schueler

To Theodora.  I enjoyed your last posting (actually I have
enjoyed all your colorful postings) and you certainly do seem to
have a lot of synchronistic events going on in your life.  Thanks
for sharing them with us.  Have you ever read Barbara Hand Clow's
EYE OF THE CENTAUR: A Visionary Guide into Past Lives? (Llewellyn
pub).  Her book describes her psychic adventures, which are
reminiscent of yours.  I met Barbara at a Booksellers Convention
a few years ago and liked her on the spot.  She has since left
Llewellyn to work full time with her husband at Bear & Company
Books.  I think the only real question a theosophist would have
on all of this is, How do you know when a vision is a real
glimpse from the past rather than an astral hallucination? In
your example of writing a book the answer seems pretty clear
since you have physical evidence to back it up, but surely at
least some of your visions must be halluncinary(?).  How do you
deal with this? What are the legal implications of advising
people? I know, for example, that some Tarot readers have been

What can I say on the rape issue? This whole thing has gotten way
out of hand in this country where 1 in 4 can expect to be raped
(and that doesn't count date rape).  My wife, my daughter, and my
sister-in-law were raped years ago (and these are only the ones
that I know of) and each will doubtless carry their scars to
their graves.  Needless to say, I am not a happy camper where
this issue is concerned.  The problem, I suspect, in part lies
with the male attitude that women are meat rather than people.
Because I can see auras (not colors or forms, but auras
nonetheless) I can't help but see women as human beings.  For
example, many years ago a male co-worker was raving over a nude
in an Xrated Swedish magazine and insisted that I take a look at
it.  When I looked, I saw her face which showed embarrassment and
shame all over it (this is not true with Playboy and better
magazines, but it seems to be true with most porn) and I was
saddened rather than aroused.  I wish men were more sensitive.
On the other hand, women are treated better in this country than
in most other countries - on the other hand this probably says
more against those other countries than it does for this one.

               Jerry S.

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