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To Jerry S, Theo and All

Jan 28, 1995 10:30 AM
by Keith Price

Jerry wrote:

I agree that life is Lila, or a grand Game.  Care to explain
*how* Art heals the unfairness of life? I have always found humor
to be a great balm, but I have never thought about art.  Do you
mean that just by going to a museum, we can be healed or uplifted
in some spiritual way? Or by being artistic in some way? I had
always thought that art could only do this to those few who were
"ready" for it.  Is it true for everyone? What kind of
preparations are needed? Most people have a rather dim view of
what constitutes art (some find art in porn, for example).  I
agree with a previous posting that Mozart outsells most rock
bands, but only because those who like Mozart are rich enough to
buy the music.  Few poor or uneducated people like Mozart.  Few
Blacks like classical music, for that matter.  But then again,
maybe we all have our own view of what art is, and we find beauty
in different things.  Yes, there is chaos in the world, but there
is beauty and love too.

Because creativity is inherent in divinity, and every divine
spark is also self-creative, we each have a natural inclination
(need) to be self-expressive or artistic in some fashion.  I used
to play the piano and the guitar as a coping strategy, for
example.  Having a child is highly creative.  It doesn't matter
what you do, so long as you do something creative or

(A confession: I am just learning these window copy tricks.  That
is why I haven't responded line by line before.  I just did my
first cut and paste for theos-l.  What fun!)

Most people have a dim view of art indeed, and maybe for good
reasons (non-exposure to high spiritual, not spiritual remeber,
art..  That's why I'm going on and on, and yes (Theodora, you
read the akashic records right) I've been digesting this for at
least two if not many lifetimes.  Maybe I was an artist in
another lifetime, obviously unsuccessful because I need to shout
"look, art is important".  Back to Jerry, I guess I have probably
turned to art (good and bad) more than most.  No, we can't just
go to a museum.  It's a magic synchronistic happening as Theodora
relates in another context.  If people are bored with my
perspective why not bring in the "art" of the Kabbala, the tarot,
magick and ritual (I'm open to Crowley's synthethic use of the
Kaballa, tarot, astrology and the artistic elements, but I don't
know how others feel?)

As an example of synchronicity, this has almost become a personal
invocation of me to ATMAN, higer self, buddhi or whatever:

Give me time to realize my crime (Karma from this and past lives)
Let me love and heal
I have danced inside Your Eyes
How can I be real? (theosophists might say know the real, but I
mean on all 7 levels)

- O'Dowd (paraphrased)

Some may recognize this little dittie, but then you are a karmic
salamder, n'est pas?

I beg to differ, but when I go grocery shopping, I don't see the
work of Plato and Shakespeare, I see OJ on the cover of "The
National Enquirer".  When I turn on the radio, I get a lot of
country, talk on AM, rock (soft, hard, putrid) and way over on
the outcast bands - public radio and classical (always very low
power).  When I look in MY TV guide.  I see twenty-four really
low life talk shows.  silly sitcoms, and cut up sex and violence,
once R-rated movies.  Every other channel has a show with a man
with a knife (more usual) going for a beautiful women, or for
variation, a women with a knife going after a man.

I guess if you are on a higher vibration, you see something
differnt, who knows?


Keith Price

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