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Jan 28, 1995 02:15 PM
by Nira2U

God Bless you Jerry for being a MAN WITH A SOUL (as I'm certain
the majority of you are --but those who admit Sensitivity's dual
edged knife (duck Keith --it's another Bobbit joke...) are rare
MEN indeed...

I will look for Ms.  Clow's book --being a 'fan' of her previous
essays, I'm certain there'll be more insights to glean from this
works.  We are in an Age where SYNCHRONICITY and phenomena is all
around us and the awareness of these factors are becoming more
apparent.  I'd like to think we're all part of what's pushing the
Dharmic Wheel into position.

Insofar as determining *which* visions are hallucinatory (eg:
mind-based only --rather than having physical origins) the
solution is not all that simple; there is a vast different --yet
similarity --between what's known as IMAGINATION and what I call
IMAGING.  The Veridical side of the fence is documentable in more
tangible terms but requires a Target Group of people willing to
work toward the similar goal.  I can't take credit for *all* the
work being done.

No doubt a lot of skirts'll be blown up & panties knotted when
the book's published.  I can already see the constipated looks on
Bryant Gumble/Katie Couric's faces when I am beset with
explaining this to them --thus discussing these topics with y'all
is WONDERUFL exercise for me because it allows me to be more
cogent and there's nothing like a great dress rehearsal to get
all the cues right...)

As far as my readings --they are Soul-based; I avoid shysterism;
those that've been sued for their "advise" attempt to make
Psychic Junkies of their clients --where I've received little or
no compensation for the work I've done in this field since my
Guide has reassured me that the collective works will bring
Dharmic & financial recompense.  When I worked on the 'psyche'
lines in L.A.  --my abiliities were so heightened that I was able
to suss out SEVERAL FBI investigators; policemen --and a LADY who
insisted on answering questions with questions.

First off, I asked her if she was an attorney --stopping her
clock.  She asked why? I told her that only lawyers or Jewish
people answered questions with questions --which made her guffaw.
She asked about a reading for her husband --and seemed suitably
impressed with the information I'd ascertained just by doing an
astrological profile and tarot reading.  She kept prodding me
about areas the FCC imposed guidelines against us "...witchypoo
people..." and I reassured her that the reading was merely a
guideline; that I wanted her to judge for her Self if the info
coming thru was valid or not.

She prodded on, asking who would be our next president (the phone
call took place the third week of June '92) and again, I informed
her I wasn't at liberty to discuss political, religious or
medical topics.  "Well --you must have an opinion," she
persisted.  So I defered to the blanket caption in the advert
which proclaimed: "For entertainment purposes only" and blurted,
"Well --if I'm gonna get F*@%k'd it might as well be by someone
worth lookin' at and I've heard enough guano from Rosemary's
Baby.  But since I don't practice political masturbation, it
doesn't really matter.  The whole thing's gonna be decided by
Electorial College vote anyway..."

She seemed reasonably SHOCKED by the raft of commentary --but
laughed at the rapid fire delivery.  Something about her puzzled
me during the course of our conversation.  Despite the fact that
her "husband" was born in Arkansas --she had a Northern accent...

After I'd terminated the call, I was told by my supervisor who'd
tapped in on the reading (they kept quality control checks
perpetually on this particular line because we were one of few
that had ETHICS as a credo).  She'd run the stats thru her
computer --and was shocked that I'd inadvertantly told Hilary
Rodham Clinton to start packing for their vacation in the White

I've given quite a few high powered people the opportunity to
prove this power a sham (short of James Randi --whose cosmic plow
I'd love to clean for his pomposity --but his $10,000 is abit too
"blood money-ish" for me...).

I could've been 'busted' to this point if anyone of them thought
I was scamming.

But there *is* a GODLY force motivating all of this...  Which is
why I take my name so seriously.  After all the near death
experiences and enlightenment I've been given, being defined as
"God's Divine Gift" is a mega mega mega test to live up to...

We all have hoops to jump thru --but it's lovely to be in such
*thoughtful* company...


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