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7 Carts for 7 Arts

Jan 28, 1995 10:37 PM
by Keith Price

Thanks for all the comments and the mostly constructive
criticism.  I will return the favor.  I keep waiting for someone
to say "shouldn't this be on theos-buds?" Well maybe it should
but I'm used to y'all, even AB (droll, so very very droll; you go
right over my head like a flying pig, AB), To John Mead or
anybody, are the same people on theos-buds? I would probably
think that much the same people or on theos-buds, but only fewer,
my crystal ball is cloudy today and I can't afford to subscribe
anyway so your stuck for a few more posts (or just hit delete,
I'm pro-choice remember).

One more thing.  I was sleepy this afternoon, but what Jerry S.
said hit me later.  Yes I guess art includes the alchemical
tradition (and maybe the Kaballa, tarot, astrology et al).  I
read all that Jungian stuff on alchemy, all those kings and
queens and eagles and lions and salt and mercury and sulphur and
what not hermetically sealed in a retort.  I respect Jung so much
so I muddled through and didn't feel any better about the whole
thing, but I guess it seeped into my unconscius along with the
Crowley tarot.  Alchemy is an "art" not a science (the father of
modern chemistry though).  It is the art of transformation (from
lower man to higher man???, to imortal super-being???)and this is
exactly what art does, transform, but on more clearly defined
levels operating through the 7 carts (vehicles, a real stretch,

       The Spectrum

The levels of artistic expression

       Spirit expresses itself in art on many levels.  We will use
       the usual number 7, as in most theosophical literature .

1) Physical - Here we have the physical stimualtion through the
five senses.  We could divide this level into five or more

       a) visual art - painting, sculpture etc.

       b) aural art - music, spoken word etc.

       c) olfactory and gustatory art - cooking and crafts and the
       "what's old is new": AROMATHERAPY

       d) tactile art - crafts, clothes, interior design, etc.

This is the most basic level.  It is art combined with everyday
needs.  Or it could be on the other extreme "art for art's sake",
just pleasing colors, and sounds etc.

2) Astral - This is artistic expression which invokes a response
associated with feelings, emotions, revereries.  Music is the
primary activator of feeling tone (most of the arts operate on
more than one level, this is just an example).  The negative side
of this level could be glamourous and seductive escapism.

3) Lower mental (kamas-manas) - A direct appeal to the desire
nature for food, security, shelter or sex.  Advertising and
pornogrphy are often built around this level.  The positive
aspect is basic survival information.  The negative aspects
include manipulation, explotation and control.

4) Higher mental - This is the level of social and cultural norms
with consensual reality dominating.  In other words, the truth is
what we agree on, or what those in power tell us it is.  Never
criticize your boss is good advice from this level.  Political
correctness and propogands are at this level.  Cultural tastes
and values may change quickly however.  Today its Baroque,
tomorrow its minimalist in the galleries.  Collusion and group
bullying are here.

5) Abstract mental - Philisophical speculation, reflection,
interpretaion and criticism belong to this level.  The moral of
the story and symbolism "explained" are here also.  This post is
an example.  It isn't art, just talk, talk, talk.  All the hot
air about a symphony is no substitute for hearing it, but it can
bring added depth and understanding.

6) Buddhic - The open universal inner eye of intuition.  The
virtues and some vices reside here.  This is the level of the
archetypes angels, demons and heavenly muses.  This is the level
where the opposites begin to form very beautiful blissful
intoxicating raptures (or demonic bad trips a la Bardo Thodol),
or we are led still higher where the opposites are reconciled.
This is the level of revision and reunion.  A lingering
selfishness may want enlightenment for itself alone or to feel
superior (this is the down side of this level).  Any remaining
attachment to seperatness would be the final hindrance to .  .

7) unitive - the will and process as a whole.  (I just realized
there is a lot of Hegel's GEIST, polter or poultry, get it AB,
spooking me here) This level activates the others the way the
physical contains all the others.

Well I could go on and on and probably will another time another
place.  Stay tuned for the conclusion coming soon to a monitor
near you.


Keith Price

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