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Re: On Our Written Literature

Jan 28, 1995 02:44 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <> writes:

> A suggestion re editing HPB
> When I read Chaucer in high school, I read the original, & what
> was hard to understand was translated and/or explained in
> footnotes.  That way I got Chaucer in the original, & if needed,
> could consult the footnotes for better understanding.  Why can't
> we do the same with HPB? It's done with "The Voice of The
> Silence".  I wouldn't know what Migmar was, unless I had the
> fotnote.
> Liesel

It's a d*** sight easier without footnotes [or even fotnotes].
Some might like to consider the *abridged* edition of the SD
which exists, and often the first look into HPB for some of
lesser courage.  Don't get me wrong - I have actually read most
of the SD, and all of Isis Unveiled - from which I got the most,
BTW. In an abridged edition, who do we flame (no doubt in this
case via a spiritualist medium) about their choice of omissions?

If anyone wants to remove the many tirades against sundry
professors in the SD, I for one won't mind. :-)

I first ran study groups in Kabbalah [then written Qabalah, as
the 'magicians' write it now] in 1958.  The first book students
were told was mandatory reading - if they wanted to get anywhere,
was ~First Principles of Theosophy~ by Jinarajadasa.  Still, IMO,
the best intro to modern theosophy that there is.  Sadly this is
not kept regularly in print - so if you're reading this in your
silence at Wheaton, maybe you could get Quest to republish?

Come on, Wheaton, we know you are lurking somehere on the list, as is in the list of subscribers - how about some

"Gad, Sir, this means chakras at dawn!"

What's Migmar?

AB --

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