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Re: Art

Jan 28, 1995 02:46 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

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> BTW, according to the Golden Dawn/O.T.O., Art is path 25 on the
> Tree of Life, the vertical path connecting Yesod with Tiphareth -
> thus it interconnects our emotions with our thoughts.
>                                 Jerry S.

Later research has established that many of the GD/OTO
attributions were and are incorrect.  Sepher Yetzirah makes it
clear that there are 32 Paths of Wisdom, and ten Sephiroth - ten
and not nine, ten and not eleven.

Path 25 does indeed have the attribute of this card, by whatever
name, but sits in the center of the Greater Hod as Path 25 of the
32.  It equates with the function of the exorcist in the early
church, the svaddisthana chakra, and the hindu mantra, VAM [see
Ernest Wood: Yoga, pub.  in UK under the Pelican imprint].

Further info for those interested is available by e-mailing me as

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