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NEW: jain-l - for Jainism and related topics

Jan 17, 1995 06:17 AM
by William Allen

> Date sent:      Mon, 16 Jan 1995 14:13:33 CST
> From:           Raphael Carter <>
> Subject:        NEW: jain-l - for Jainism and related topics

JAIN-L via

   The JAIN-L list is for discussion of Jainism, a non-Vedic
   religion of India.  Jainism is one of the world's oldest
   religious traditions, with more than three million devotees in
   India and throughout the world.  Jainism is best known for its
   emphasis on _ahimsa_, or nonviolence toward all beings.

   Jains, students of Jainism, and interested newcomers are all

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         subscribe jain-l

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