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Last Quarter

Jan 17, 1995 08:55 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

A subject that I have hoped to see discussed here hasn't yet been
raised as far as I know.  What do you all think about HPB's
promise of another messenger between 1975 and 2000? The period is
more than 80% past now, and I don't see/hear Theosophists
thinking about it at all.  A few theories to consider:

1) Krishnamurti lived for the first 11 years of this quarter-
century.  His being welcomed back to Adyar by Radha in 1979, and
her general devotion to him, suggests that he was in some sense a
messenger to the TS all along and accepted as such by its
President in the last quarter-century.

2) The 14th Dalai Lama is IMHO the foremost living exponent of
the spiritual values that Theosophists honor.  Although he hasn't
in any sense come "to" the Theosophists, he has visited Adyar and
Wheaton, been published by TPH, etc.

3) Sometime in the next 5 years, we will be surprised by a new
claimant to this status-- Creme's "Maitreya"?

4) There will be no fourth quarter messenger; HPB was mistaken.

Any thoughts?

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