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Re: Pro-Spirit - and a reality check

Jan 17, 1995 06:02 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to Keith Price:
> The monad is manifesting in the foetus and has a right to full
> spiritual development.  To stop it's develpment is to stop it's
> spiritual unfoldment.  Who

You are making a logical error here by substituting different
referents for the same "it." That is, to stop the development of
"it"- the fetus-- is to stop the spiritual unfoldment of "it"--
the monad.  This is not so IMHO, or at least you are using "stop"
in conflicting manners: "end permanently" vs.  "temporarily
arrest." The monad cannot be stopped from unfolding (not a term
I'd choose but for sake of argument, OK) even if the entire
planet blows up.


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