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Somebody finally got it- We are all pro-spirit

Jan 16, 1995 09:33 PM
by Keith Price

Thanks to Alain Bain? You got it, by George, you got it!! Are you
a doctor of divinity or dentistry? D.D.  could be very different
from D.D.  in America - finally a hearfelt grin!!

Yes, it's easy to think in terms of an issue in black and white,
when really they are usually very gray indeed.  Only a spiritual
answer can raise us above such seemingly unsolvable problems as
the war in Northern Ireland ( a religious war or an economic
war?), the war in Bosnia (ditto), the war in Cheznia (ditto), the
animosity between the races, sexes and social classes ad
infininitum ad nauseum.

I wrote to John Mean that the bitter truth is that these problems
may trully be unsolvable.  They are the Karma of this globe, in
this round, in this root race at this moment in time.  They are
our black magic and we may be destroyed by them the way the
Atlanteans were destroyed by their black magic.

Try to think of something vicious, Nika.  Try to cast some more
tripe, I mean bait, John.  You two just don't get it and probably
never will.

This is not a game.  This is the life and soul of our globe and
each and everyone on it.  The black magicians will be ground and
groung in the mill of Karma in avichi nirvana.  The nirmankayas
hold off the ultimate bliss of nirvana to overlook and guide a
rather stupid humanity, me included.

We can choose the path of evolution into spirit or involution
into matter.  On this issue the Masters are pro-choice.  The
brothers of the shadow are pro-abortion, they want to drag us
down with them into the avichi of aborted souls.  They have their
choice and so do we all.

- Oh John, by the way.  I guess I'll take a litttle bait.  What I
meant is the Jungian idea of the shadow side of the ego that
exists in each and everyone's unconcious and projects its own
evil motives on others and works for its own ends while telling
the ego and everyone else that it's working for the higer good of
the individucal and society.  The Jungian Self (God image within
the unconcious of the individual, what we would call the Monad)
is not fooled for one minute by this.  Read your post again.  You
will see your shadow perfectly displayed.

Trully, trully,


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