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abortion; the Divine Comedy

Jan 12, 1995 09:18 PM
by John Mead

having read and briefed most responses, I humbly suggest the

1) A prime gift, from God, is freedom of individual choice.

2) The Karmic laws are in place to balance this gift per each

3) God designed the Woman to be the soul/sole person responsible
for the health and care of the new soul-to-be during the entire
nine months of pregnancy.  (else they would lay eggs like birds -
or some other encapsulated and separate womb device - to care for
the fetus by "potentially" others).


1) to create a manmade law which dictates the women's behaviour
either before, during, or after pregnancy, is not a "Natural"
concept, but a Political one (i.e.  a concept created by the
society and it's current understanding, or opinion, towards the
relationship of Woman and potetntial Being)

2) the fundamental principle which governs human evolution and
progress towards a higher "Being" is the act of "learning by
experience", or doing (i.e.  reincarnqtion).  The conscious
restriction of this principle towards another is truly contrary
to Natural Law.  It can interfere with natural evolution and the
purpose/progression of the entire monad you are manipulating.

3) The Theosophical view point must be one which places the
decision upon the woman, and her child, and *their* Karma.
Otherwise *we* are interfering with an individual's natural
course of evolution and personal soul devolopement.  This is not
good Karma for the "outsider" to accept upon themself.  Unless we
are in a true state of Universal Consciousness there is no way we
can judge what is truly happening and is "Good".  I certainly am
not in a position to judge these people.  are you??

we believe that all life is sacred.  All life is intertwined in
ways we cannot fully grasp unless we are in perfected states.


1) all destruction of life is to be avoided, by each person's
individual choice!

2) all control over the woman's decision regarding abortion, is
an attempt by society to intervene in the natural course of
cosmic law.  It will interfere with their (the woman and fetus)
individual devolopment -- with Karmic consequences upon the
interfering person as well.

practical problems:

1) why ban killings at all? --- killings cannot be banned.  the
question is *if* we choose to punish those who do killings, and
punish by what methods?

The supreme court issued a very wise & conservative opinion
(actually one which leans toward the pro-life group) by
designating the first trimester as the toss-up for our societal

One can easily argue that it is much too conservative.  -- e.g.
eskimo societies -- where infanticide was a couples' choice after
each child birth -- usually resulting in feeding the female
new-borns to their dogs (dog-sled teams).  Without this option
their civilazation would not have existed).  The human LAW is
strictly a *cultural* choice.  It has little to do with
Theosophy, per se.  Theosophy says to *prefer* to error on the
side of the living -- nothing more.  It definitely says to NOT
impose or control others' choices and acts of free will.  We are
too ignorant to make laws or opinions regarding such.  Christ
said it best -- those who are FREE of guilt should cast the first
stone(s).  can you??

My Humble Opinion (MHO)

peace -

john e. mead

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