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Jan 12, 1995 06:27 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

Just read Jerry Schueler's response to the abortion question(s).

A few thoughts.  In general terms, I can't see much wrong with
what is, to me, Jerry's balanced and healthy approach.

Even allowing for the fact that HPB may have got it wrong here
and there - she didn't claim infallibility - then surely the
ethical consideration(s) which apply here belong properly to the
mother of the potentially aborted foetus.  Not Jerry, not me, not
anyone else.

It is up to Theosophists and _anyone_ who truly cares about
people, to try and make available as much information as
possible, based upon as much evidence as can be gathered, to as
many people as are willing to open their hearts as well as their
minds.  I see us all as part of an ultimate unity in which
however we behave to/with each other we also behave to/with

Does anyone want to pass judgement on _someone else's_ choice?
Someone who may be a complete stranger to them? If so, by what
right? Let us first consider our own condition.  Theosophy is not
"holier than thou" and I hope, as a newcomer to this list, not to
see such attitudes being expressed.

Alan Bain,
The Theosophical Society in England (Bristol Lodge).
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