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theosophy 1995: an oxymoron??

Jan 12, 1995 05:53 PM
by Keith Price

There has been a lot of good (IMO) feedback on this very
important issue of abortion.

I thinks JRC's idea that the theosophical goal would be to
transform the debate from the lowest level to a
intuitional-buddhic level buttressed by the best of past
thinkers, thus getting away from the name calling and the only
two possible positions on the subject in which the nation seems
to be stuck.

Jerry S, Daniel and Marek also kept the discussion on a high
level and I believe we have all agreed to disagree and still
remain in the universal nucleus of siblinghood.

It is true we can not force good karma on people either through
organizations or the government.  I would not close down one
single clinic if it would mean back alley abotions with coat
hangers as was the case before Roe VS Wade.  Touche! on the
comment about future karma getting all mixed up with past Karma
which it probably is anyway.  Perhaps that is why most of us have
neither completely happy or unhappy lives; seen from a dimension
above all our incarnations are really happening at once.
Newtonian linear time has been replaced by space-time and our
decisions seem to reverberate throughout parrallel universes
glimpsed so clearly by me in my dreams and by others in

Anyway, I guess I am somewhat ingenuous in seeming to promote an
activist stance for a theosophist.  We just aren't that kind of
organization.  I am told that much of the work is done on the
inner planes, but in this Kali Yuga the inner planes just aren't
seeming to have much visible effect (I wish I were joking).

While reading the posts a few things welled up from my
unconcious.  Theosophy means the ancient, hidden wisdom known to
some throughout all time, but revealed only in part.  Thus
theosophy 1995 is a contridiction in terms like military
intelligence.  It is either theosophy for all eternity or it is
just another gnostic system among gnostic systems.  However, I
was sincere that the eternal principles should be applied to
problems such as abortion and brought into a wider consciousness
just because they are eternal and so needed in 1995.

Which brought up the symbolic ridden image of gnosticism.  For
many of the gnostics, both pagan Greek and Christian, the
universe was an ABORTION! Big a-ha! We were divine beings of
light that got lured through lower and lower levels by planetary
Aeons till we were cut up like shards of glass.  We became
ignorant of our original divine state.  Only Sophia (the wisdom
Goddess) or Christos-Sophia in the Christian system could save us
and raise us throught the planetary planes to a reunion to the

HPB gave the gnostics their due, but seemed to side with the
neo-platonists which had a less symbolic, ritualistic, mystical
outlook and were intellectual and optimistic and world affirming
in the sense that the universe is not a trap or an abortion but
only spirit in a long evolutionary and transformational cycle
back to the One Life.

So what does this have to do with the price of tea in China or
abortion for that matter? Well, I think the over used term "world
view" comes into play.  Either you think we live in a legitimate,
beautiful, worthwhile universe that is the learning and teaching
ground for spiritual souls or you think the world is an ABORTION,
something to be escaped, endured, altered by the use of drugs,
selfish sex, crime with the criminal as victims because it's all
such a hell anyway and one abortion deserves another.  It's all a
trap so I better race out manipulate and use everybody and
everything because I am a beautiful VICTIM, VICTIM, VICTIM.  It's
not me that is causing the abortion but the whole "system".  And
anybody who stands in the way of freedom just isn't gnostic
(cool, elite, in the know).  Only fools would play by the rules.

Of course all theosophical teachings go against this kind of
thinking, but it helps to realize how widespread this deep, deep
resentment exists between the classes, races, sexes, etc.  with
each and everyone claiming victimhood and a golden age if they
were on top!

One last thought, it seems that theosophy is widespread in
children as so wonderfully expressed in Wordsworth "Intimations
on Immortality".  How the world looks like a devachan to the
child, but is soon fades, sadly.  But as far as adults, my guess
is we are at best one percent of one percent of the population .
In America, we have 6,000 current members.  Maybe another 10,000
who attend meetings or read the literature seriously and maybe
50,000 fellow new age travellers who like a smorgasborg.  (All
the figures are very generous, I would assume).  We are not going
to be invited on "Geraldo" to get into the rousing debate.  Our
only hope is to make transform the abortion issue from one of
despair and bitterness, to spiritual parenting as Jerry S.
suggested.  If we can offer a more universal understanding of the
beauty of parenthood and the esoteric meaning, our voice might be
heard, but the there is always the VOICE OF THE SILENCE for all
of us, even those who have been aborted.


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