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Re: abortion; the Divine Comedy

Jan 13, 1995 02:29 PM
by Dara Eklund

> The Theosophical view point must be one which places the decision
> upon the woman, and her child, and *their* Karma.  Otherwise *we*
> are interfering with an individual's natural course of evolution
> and personal soul devolopement.  This is not good Karma for the
> "outsider" to accept upon themself.  Unless we are in a true
> state of Universal Consciousness there is no way we can judge
> what is truly happening and is "Good".  I certainly am not in a
> position to judge these people.  are you??

There are no "outsiders".  Nor are there any totally independent
beings on this globe.  Mutual dependence is, in fact, the rule.
If we logically extend this popular notion held by many today,
(not just Mr.  Mead) not only would no one ever control another,
but no one would influence or even help somebody else.  Perhaps
society should just let repeat offenders continue to kill, rape,
molest, steal, etc.  Eventually, in some future incarnation, they
will "learn by experience" and stop.  But let us never interfer,
we would not want their learning curve to be too steep, would we.
Contrariwise, if we know a person struggling with some altruistic
project -- hands off -- help not -- for who knows what is noble
and what is base.  Flapdoodle say I! Theosophy and its ethical
standards (which virtually all cultures share) were tested and
found true and beneficial aeons ago.  Who are we to look askance
at milleniums of spiritual progress, for individuals and
societies, based on those traditional virtues? Whence comes this
craving for each person to reinvent the ethical wheel?

As a wise man once wrote:

"Thrice fortunate they who can break through the vicious circle
of modern influence and come up above the vapors!" [Mahatma
Letter 35]


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